Overview on Panas


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Initiated by a vision, leading to strong need of establishing a pharmaceutical company in the Mid-Western Region, the birth of Panas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. took place at Nepalgunj through combined efforts of reputed medical professionals, personnel from distribution outlets, institutions and marketing.

The company was registered with the Company registrar office on 25th Bhadra 2063, with DDA on Marg 23rd 2063 and with Department of Industry on Falgun 13th 2063. The foundation stone was laid on Falgun 29, 2063. Building was designed by Joshi Association from Kathmandu. The company has already appointed experienced senior pharmacist for the project work.

Installation of machines and other accessories completed by experts from the same company of Malaysia, Japan & India. A deep boring well of 95 meters has been completed at the northern eastern part of site.

Commenced its operation in the market from Ashadh mid of 2067. The company meets all the WHO CGMP guidelines issued by DDA along with norms of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

Since the inception, the company has formulated its guiding policies as:
  • The company will maintain highest level of quality products.
  • Ethical business practices.
  • Continues improvement and development.
  • Competent professional organization.
  • Customer-oriented marketing.
  • Social and National commitment.
  • In a short span Panas has been able to earn goodwill and credibility and has been well recognized as a fast emerging company in the Nepalese pharmaceutical market. Today Panas has above 200 people working for it as company family members. Beginning with 6 products, the company has now more than 150 products.

    Panas is preparing itself to meet the challenges ahead. It plans to introduce many useful and innovative health care products every year to fill up the market needs and speed up its growth within the fastest possible period.

    Our Plant

    Panas is proud to have an ultra-modern manufacturing plan that ensures high quality standards complying with World Health Organization (WHO) approved current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Further, Panas is also committed to follow the strict regulations of ISO 14001 guidelines.

    Our designs for various systems enable greater equipment efficiency and promote efficient environmental protection activities. The plant is equipped with most modern manufacturing facilities for tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, Gel and pessaries. The modern and scientifically built HVAC system, with adequate Air Handling Units (AHUs), is a pride of Panas. This ensures the proper air handling and circulation pathway thus minimizing the chances of cross contamination virtually to nil. The plant has other highly modern facilities that include Reverse Osmosis Water Plant (RO system), FBD, RMG and Tablet Compress etc. with PLC controlling systems.

    The plant is located at Ganapur, Nepalgunj, Banke which is 7.5 km north of Nepalgunj. The total land area of the plant is 186,000 sq feet in which the building occupies a total of 35,000 sq feet.


    Panas has a team of competent management, technical and marketing professionals and dedicated members who have been working together as a highly motivated team to create an outstanding record of success and growth in the Nepalese pharmaceutical industry.

    Panas has its marketing headquarters at Kathmandu with its field forces stationed at different territories all over the kingdom. More than 50 distribution outlets have enabled for the company's products to reach almost all major areas of the country.

    Panas manufactures tablets (coated and non-coated), capsules, Ointments and Gel for different therapeutic segments. We are the first Nepali Company to manufacture medicines for Atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, and psoriasis and calcium metabolism.